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Buy Electric Moped EBike

If you are looking to buy an electric moped bike that is in stock here in Manchester UK, we can deliver without delay.

We are Moor EBikes based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, we have Electric Moped Scooter e-bikes for sale. All our bikes are smooth eco-friendly urban cool riders. So don’t wait around as these bikes move fast and stock is limited on some ranges or colours.

Pick a funky cool electric moped now - our retro focused mopeds are ‘In-Stock now for 2021’. Our E-Bike mopeds are available to deliver to you now, we have bikes ready to be newly registered. Pick up and drive away or we can deliver to you fast your own cool retro electric rider. We sort your V5 then its number plates and some road insurance.

All our e-moped-scooter ebikes are perfect for city social commuting ready for you to ride off into the sunset. For instance, the ‘Classic’ shown is a great electric moped that has the style of the 60’s Italian bikes or pick low rider new Stingray, a real eye catching and yet surprisingly affordable UK road legal beast.

Pay a 20% deposit if you prefer and pay the balance only when we are ready to deliver your new electric moped bike direct to your door.

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Bumble Bee Moped EBikes - Classic

Bumble Bee Moped EBikes: Classic


Bumble Bee Moped Classic EBike, The obvious and first choice for many.  Here is the ‘Classic’ electric moped, brand new all electric. Riders need no bike license.    Chrome-sparkling and retro-styled this beautiful looking, fun ‘Classic’ electric moped is a modern equivalent of popular petrol mopeds from years gone by, only no smoke or noise.   Honouring the glory days of t

Bumble Bee Moped EBikes - Classic GT

Bumble Bee Moped EBikes: Classic GT


Bumble Bee Moped Classic GT EBike. Here is the truly iconic ‘Classic GT’ electric moped.  With more power compared to the 'Classic' electric moped (also listed). the Classic GT is a classic retro ride. Chrome-sparkling in the sunshine, vintage, retro 60’s styling this beautiful looking bike e-moped is the modern equivalent of the old school popular Vespa bikes and Lambretta bikes.  The great Italian scooters, huge in the 60’s and 70’s

Bumble Bee Moped EBikes - Stingray

Bumble Bee Moped EBikes: Stingray


Bumble Bee Stingray EBike. The coolest bike we have?  This obvious Harley-Style low rider scooter/moped e-bike is a wide grip low rider.  The ‘Stingray’ is a fat, wide rear-tyre bike which is a modern twist on old petrol brand motorbikes. Brand new for 2020/21 and all electric design, cool UK riders need this bike. Striking in a choice of colours, retro styled this is a beautiful looking, fun ebike electric moped.