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Minster EBikes

Boom Minster has landed with Moor EBikes presenting two brilliant Retro Classic frame fun EBikes sure to shake up the UK for 2021/22.

We just love to promote on our site UK built ebikes from suppliers whom may not have hundreds of these bikes ready-to-roll but instead build these bikes to order using proven tech ebike technology and using only quality brand motors and batteries. Minster EBikes are like us fairly new to the UK so more frame designs may follow.

The ‘just so cool’ retro looks of the minster monkey frame or the massively popular world-wide strong Serenity frame is just practical plus confident both have the massively appealing long standing moped style twin raised seat which adds real vintage cool practicality to both these ebikes overall look and appeal.
For Mums and Dads too yes these ebikes tick the boxes. Adding to new wave of chunky as you like UK ebikes this fat tyre step through or leg over powerful ebike builder uses the same motors and parts across both frame types hence simplifying stock and ensuring reliable high quality Bafang & Shimano are just standard.  

Chosen by Moor EBikes because these ebikes offer ladies and those whom prefer a easier step on or step through ebike experience can choose the brilliantly reliable Serenity frame with its chunky tubing and superb looks or for those whom want to the monkey ebike classic frame with its flat bar retro monkey ebike shape can pick the big footed bad boy the Voodo, both are simply great fun to ride.  Both frames come in the most popular black or very dark grey both come supplied with front suspension with mud guards and lights fitted as standard, we ensure you are ready to ride.

Such a wow factor is really achieved from the Voodo with this all-black monkey ebike ready look it is true vintage urban cool. Pick a Voodo for ‘black bling monkey ebike fun machine riding’ where you can go anywhere with fun with its easy pedalling modes of assist or go full torque thumb throttle to gain full motor's power assist you up hills and across fields and you will smile - fact. Simply put do not end up paying more with other brands that are producing no better quality, custom order your Voodo for more even more rear hub power or go twin motor torque for that extra snap of zip and rare curb appeal. Flexibility is gained from ordering your bike just the way you want it,  we aim to please. Pick the Voodo an in eye catching black, or pick your custom colour if your not desperate to ride it. Both these cool, new, Minster frames will stop & turn heads and older minds reminisce of movie stars and the sixties.

Want to comfortly ride to work classic cool style & go-old school proven performance on the ultimate step through frame of all time then choose the fabulous Minster Serenity.
Step through yet big and strong the Serenity ebike with front suspension, or Voodo monkey ebike with front suspension both come with quality 48v cells and wide tyres 20” x 4” fat wheels, they are built per order with care.

Perfect for kid drop off pick ups to school or clubs for your own social trips or to take you to work as commuter worker ebikes that are road legal can get you zipped (pedal assisted from the motor) along for miles for just pennies literally of electricity.
Minster aim please they can deliver you from boring pedal bike land into the land of ebike classic retro fun, that’s our land we are Moor EBikes.

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Minster EBikes - Serenity

Minster EBikes: Serenity


Minster Serenity Fat Tyre EBike. Here is the Serenity, it is a winning combination; Available with two choices; 250w or 750w or customise with vee white wall retro ultra cool tyres, the Serenity is a strong well tested step through frame which makes for easy riding for ladies and old and younger riders. A quality brand motor, disk battery brakes shimano gears and chunky tyres ofcourse stop and grip the rosad like a motor bike.  Minster who build this pedal assist bike here in