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Rocket EBikes

Retro, Classic, Electric & Fun; Rocket EBikes are here at Moor EBikes.

We just had to add some of these ready-to-rocket ebike ‘good lookers’ to our range. The retro 88S monkey e-bike now upgraded with gold wheels plus the vintage, new 2nd generation XGT ebike is the very latest ebike just arrived here in the UK from Rocket.
The urban cool niche retro look of the monkey frame or the strong XGT frame ooze confidence both have massive curb appeal yet vintage practicality and fat tyre comfy ride as standard. Both these ebikes smash the box on overall look and have clean lines yet dazzling wheel sun shine.

Chosen by Moor EBikes because these ebikes offer superb monkey ebike head turning looks now with front suspension. Wow is the usual response when people see this all-black, new longer and wider framedthan the previous GT model the all new XGT. Again this XGT is about as, vintage black bling, as a ebike machine could possibly get if you imagined one. Full of torque, these e-bike's motor's power to weight is preferred by some as the right balance as every gram of weight counts with some riders.

Click to Pick the new 88S or XGT over paying much more, choose an ebike with confidence, with a full UK warranty from  us Moor EBikes. In eye catching black, both these cool, new, Rocket frames will stop people walking.

Owners know that people will just come over to you to admire your ebike or they will turn heads and then chat to themselves and some older minds will reminisce.

Comfortly ride your monkey ebike in style with new look and gold yellow wheels or go old-school motorbike-style on the all new Rocket XGT ebike for 2021/22.
More than just value for money over other brands now with customised gold wheels for that extra snap of curb appeal, these are rare ebikes still here in UK, nobody has these yet monkey ebikes yet really.  Rocket are again fairly new to the UK so more various models will follow in 2022.

Rocket ebikes are just great fun for social trips or as work commuter you will get assisted (pedal assisted) for miles off road for just pennies of electricity.

Ebike with front suspension, 36v or 48v cells and wide tyres 20” x 4” fat boy wheels in Gold. Buy a Rocket ebike today from us, Moor EBikes, while stocks last, smile as you ride.

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Rocket EBikes: 88S

Rocket EBikes - 88S

Rocket EBikes: 88S


Rocket 88S EBike Rocket's electric monkey, the 88S, is truly a great fun experience to ride. Rocket are a established brand here in UK. The ’88S Monkey Ebike’ is offering those who want a retro, urban, cool, vintage-look ebike ready for any field, dirt track or road.  Fast, high-torque motor means quick yet light and efficient, these 88 electric monkey classic ebikes go. Pick the ‘88’ and know you’ve chosen a modern, unique twist on cracking lookin