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Buy Electric Pedal EBike

Buy an electric pedal ebike from our retro-classic ebike in stock range and get it delivered to your door with no delay.

We are Moor EBikes, based in Heaton Moor, Cheshire. We have fun, cool monkey bikes and classic retro rides for sale. In stock e-bikes for 2021 are available here now ready for you to pick up or we can deliver to anywhere in UK. Choose motor size, colour, brakes or pick full suspension from our variety of retro different electric bikes. We offer only retro classic focused frames, EBikes with style! For instance, the Red Rocket GT is one of our new electric bikes yet it has the style of the old early motorbikes.

Our EBikes are available to buy now from our garage or pick out of stock for a few weeks delivery. Choose your own cool-rider retro, electric pedal assist, electric bicycle. All our e-bikes are ‘pedal assist ebikes’ perfect for cruising, all-terrain, social fun or commuting. Go for the ultra-cool, UK built Super Monkey Long Tail. A real eye-catching and surprisingly practical beast.

All our electric cycles bikes come complete and ready for you to pedal and ride. We hand pick our bikes so were different and quality focused yet affordable. Pay a small % deposit if you prefer, then just pay the balance when were ready to send your new ebike.

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Yamee Rattan EBikes - Fat Bear

Yamee Rattan EBikes: Fat Bear


Yamee Rattan Fat Bear EBike. Here is the Fat Bear, it is a beast! The Fat Bear 750s has a 48V / 750W rear hub motor, a 48V battery to match and hydraulic disc brakes to cope with plenty of power.  Yamee who build this pedal assist bike have a patented I-Pas Technology within the rear hub motor.  It is combined with the 48V Cell, that Yamee claim can take you up to a huge distance on one charge, pedal assisted. The 750w I-PAS powerful intelligent motor set up me

Synch EBikes - Super Monkey 250

Synch EBikes: Super Monkey 250


Synch Super Monkey 250w The obvious and first choice for many, the Synch is an urban electric bike brand offering revolutionary electric bikes with urban, retro, street attitude. Fast, efficient and stylish, these unique, electric, Monkey e-bikes complete in 6 colours. with fitted headlight and rear brake/tail light plus mudguards all in off great value. Black Friday Special Offer - Black 250w Super Monkey Save £250 Until midnight FRIDAY 26 Nov 2021 & whilst stock lasts

Synch EBikes - Super Monkey 750

Synch EBikes: Super Monkey 750


Synch Super Monkey 750w The obvious choice for those in the know, the Synch e-bike is urban focused the brand offering revolutionary electric bikes with classic retro, street attitude. Fast yet efficient and stylish, these unique electric Monkey e-bikes available in bright colours with fitted mudguards, headlight & rear brake/tail.    Synch are relatively new manufacturer here in the UK!  Yes UK build quality & warranty. The Super Monkey 75

Synch EBikes - Super Monkey Long Tail

Synch EBikes: Super Monkey Long Tail


Synch Super Monkey Long Tail The right choice for those in the know wanting to carry a plus one, the Synch e-bike is urban focused offering a revolutionary, electric solution with classic retro, street attitude. Fast and stylish yet solid, these unique Long Tail Monkeys are available in black complete with fitted mudguards & headlight & brake tail light fitted and ready to roll.   Synch are relatively new manufacturer here in the UK!  Yes

Rocket EBikes - 88S

Rocket EBikes: 88S


Rocket 88S EBike Rocket's electric monkey, the 88S, is truly a great fun experience to ride. Rocket are a established brand here in UK. The ’88S Monkey Ebike’ is offering those who want a retro, urban, cool, vintage-look ebike ready for any field, dirt track or road.  Fast, high-torque motor means quick yet light and efficient, these 88 electric monkey classic ebikes go. Pick the ‘88’ and know you’ve chosen a modern, unique twist on cracking lookin

Minster EBikes - Serenity

Minster EBikes: Serenity


Minster Serenity Fat Tyre EBike. Here is the Serenity, it is a winning combination; Available with two choices; 250w or 750w or customise with vee white wall retro ultra cool tyres, the Serenity is a strong well tested step through frame which makes for easy riding for ladies and old and younger riders. A quality brand motor, disk battery brakes shimano gears and chunky tyres ofcourse stop and grip the rosad like a motor bike.  Minster who build this pedal assist bike here in